751-11761 Fuel Lift Pump Gasket, Lister Petter Alpha series engines, Fits LPA, LPW, LPWS, LPWT and the DWS4 engines

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751-11761 Lister Petter lift pump gasket, This gasket fits the LPA LPW, LPWS, LPWT, DWS4 engine. This gasket is used between the engine block and the pump. 

Notate, this gasket has 2 bolt holes. This item is not sold with the fuel lift pump, this item is sold separate from the pump.

This will be item 20 in the Lister Petter drawing.

The LPA, LPW, LPWS engines were used in numerous pieces of equipment,  Moffett M5000 Forklift, Ditch Witch 400SX plow, Ditch Witch 410SX plow, Ditch Witch JT 920L directional drill, Ditch Witch JT 820L directional drill, Ditch Witch FP35 Fluid Pac,  Onan gas generators model GNAA,GNAB,GNAC,  Elliott MagnaTek Generators 10-12 kw, Hawkpower diesel generators GS8D-LP, GSD12-LP, GS17D-LP, GS20D-LP,  Vally Fab Irrigators, US Military generators models DN4M-1, DN3M-1, DN2M-1. DeWeze Mower 72" All Terrain Mower.


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