616-01608 Copper crush washer, commonly used on the TX and TS/TR engines.

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616-01608 Copper sealing crush washers, this washer is commonly used on the Read Screen-All products, Model RD-20, RD-40, Rd-90 and the RD-150 screeners, also used throughout the Lister Petter line of engines, used almost everywhere.

It takes 2 washers if replacing the  oil pressure adapter.

These items are used in the area that's circled in red, that piece is a, "in use" oil pressure adapter,  you'll also notice in the Lister Petter drawing another area that this sealing washer is being used on, the side access door on a HR1 engine, item #3 in that drawing.

Great care must be used when replacing these sealing washers, I have provided a picture of the adapter to show you the small hole drilled in the adapter stem, this is so oil can continue to travel thru and onto other devices but because of that it compromises the overall strength and consequently when a mechanic isn't aware of this he twists/breaks off the adapter. It breaks at the hole and that tells us everything. Inform your mechanic !

When replacing the low oil pressure switch use a back up wrench always !!!

Here's the part that know one likes your not going to tell me it must have been a faulty adapter, you buy another one....no returns ! 

A warning will be provided on the package but its up to you to take care and be gentle with it !!

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