751-40616 Injector pipe assembly, used on the Lister Petter LPWS series engine.

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This injector pipe fits a LPWS engine only. This part fits the number 4, 3 and the number 2 cylinder assembly only.
Parts book describes it as "flywheel end to the center cylinders". Will be item number 3 in the drawing. 

You will use this injector pipe with fuel pump 751-41265 and no others, check the part number on your fuel pump, if your fuel pump says 751-41262 or 751-41264 you'll use injector pipe 751-40615. There is a height difference between the two fuel pumps.

This part number supersedes part number 751-10243.

The number 1 cylinder assembly uses a different injector pipe assembly part number 751-41105 or 751-41106, it will be item number 4 in the drawing. 

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