40-2505160DI4, Electronic upgrade/tune up kit, for Hercules G2300, 4 cylinder Delco ignition system.

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40-2505160DI4  Electronic upgrade/tune up for the the 4 cylinder G2300 Hercules engines ignition system. This upgrade is for the Delco Distributor only and will not fit the Prestolite distributor. Some modification work will be needed a small grinder or file is needed.

Pictured below is what the Delco distributor cap looks like, please ensure that your distributor cap looks like the one in the picture below. Distributor cap is not included in the purchase of the kit. Screws hold this cap on, no clips, this is a good indicator of brand.

Online Power Products highly recommends that you remove the old points system from the distributor and upgrade to a electronic system, this kit will accomplish this process and eliminate points that need to be adjusted by young technicians that do not even know what a points system even is.

This item is not shown in the Hercules drawing.

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