757-15721 Oil pressure switch, Lister Petter oil pressure safety switch used on LPA, LPW2/3/4, LPWS, LPWT, TS, TR, HR, SR engines

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This is a very commonly used low oil pressure switch used in the Lister Petter line of engines. You'll find it in almost every LP engine ( LPA, LPW/S/T/G, TS/TR, SR, AB/AC/AD engines). It can be adapted easily into almost every LP model of engine. 

The connections are C  for Common, NO for Normally open and NC  for Normally closed.

The trigger point is set at approximately, 7 psi. Some electrical schematics you will see may show 2 wires on the drawing but just know this switch will still work, it just gives you the option to use NO or NC, you'll always use the common connection. This product is a switch not an oil pressure gauge pressure sensor.  

This switch can be used in other applications and in other lines of engines and systems ie DMT Generators, Onan, Kohler etc

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