570-34700 Fuel lift pump kit, used with the Lister Petter model TS/TR 3 engines.

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570-34700 Fuel lift pump kit is used to go from the old style lift pump ( AC Delco and Pienne pumps ) to the current pump made by Corona.

This kit is for the single cylinder TS/TR3 engine only and will not fit any other models.

This kit gives you the pump, a new steel fuel line, bolts, gaskets and fittings to convert from the old style pump to the new style. 

You can tell when someone purchased the pump and not the kit because they use a hodge podge of fitting, hoses and zip ties. 

The TS/TR3 engines have been used in numerous applications such as generators, pumps  (both hydraulic and water ), fire pumps,  fan applications and many more



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