350234 Gasket set, bottem set for AA1, AB1, AC1, and AD1 Lister Petter engine.

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Bottom end gasket set for Lister Petter AA1, AB1, AC1 and AD1 engine. Part number is 350234
This item is located on page 122 of issue 8 of Jan 1999 parts book, and will include the following parts

1 x Gear cover joint 367870
1 x Sump joint 198250
1 x Bearing housing joint 361871
2 x Stop lever housing joints 266017
2 x Copper fuel pump washers 267326
1 x Copper fuel filter washer 013-22350
1 x Copper washer 843102
NSN 5330-00-464-6145

The AC/AB1 AD1 engines were used in a wide range of equipment, the AC1 version was used in the following equipment Amida series DLB Detour-Lite,

Compac P24/33 walk behind compactor, Ampac P33/24 walk behind compactor.  

US Military BT400 NEX-D, BT 400-46 Ground support portable heater, this unit was made by Aerotech Herman Nelson FSN 4520-792-8257 and FSN 4520-930-9474

Aerotech Herman Nelson BT 400-NEX-D Portable Diesel Heater,  Aero product ID is 2005276 

Always check the model and serial number of your engine before ordering any parts as there was several different models and used in numerous applications 

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