26299001 Elliott MagneTek digital engine controller

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26299001 Elliott MagneTek digital generator controller. Online Power Products is happy to  offer our new digital controller. Please read the following: 

As of 11/15/2023 the ability to get this replacement controller has been affected by a supply issue of a critical chip. The main chip used has been obsoleted and as of now no replacement has been found. Boards can still be manufactured but the chip has to come from your existing circuit board. The condition of your chip will not be known until the entire board is received and verified.
Please see the latest update below dated 04/01/2024.

As of 04/01/2024 Online Power Products is proud to offer a new replacement controller for the older discontinued Elliott digital system. The new controller, features state of the art electronic engineering, user friendly programming features, additional monitoring points and digital outputs that are up to the discretion of the customer needs.

Please see mew photos 2 thru 4

Stock on hand is growing favorably every week and once we are up to speed with back orders new controllers will be able to ship within a few days time.

All controllers are pre programmed and come with harness' that will plug directly into your existing system. Install time is around 4 hours. the tech will have to cut a new mounting hole and mount an additional crank relay that will come with the controller kit and install a new temp and oil sensor.

Each controller is tested before it leaves and when it ships the kit will have all the additional parts needed. Included will be the controller, all the necessary wiring with plugs, a new crank relay and wiring, new oil and temp sensor, thumb drive with all the software, user manual, operating files, helpful install pictures, factory default settings and quality control documents. 

This being a electronic part there are no refunds or returns after purchase, repairs can be made on a new units and if there are any problems after purchase Online Power Products will determine the cause of a failure and will stand by any factory defects. All customer damage will be the responsibility of the customer.

Please note : In the first controller picture the black metal mounting plate is not included and is only shown to help identify what you may have.

Call Online Power Products at 1 805 470-6825 for details.

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