000-04472 Relay, Commonly used within the controller circuits

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000-04472 Relay, commonly listed as the K1 start relay, K2 stop relay, K3 fault relay and the K4 fault bypass relay. You can see an example of these relays in the Lister Petter drawing and schematics. This relay was used within numerous styles of controls, both simple and more complex designs. This relay will look like a small 1 inch by 1 inch black cube.

Commonly called a cube relay.

The purpose of this relay was to carry the heavier electrical loads, for example "the run circuit" and "the start circuit". This relay was not used on the glow plug circuit, this relay was a larger green plastic box mounted closer to the starter and glow plugs. Part number for that relay is 

In the Lister Petter drawing this will be item number 1

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